Treasured Images
Abandoned Farmstead FALL
The venue this year is an abandoned farm located just outside of Vermillion, SD.  We
will meet at the Walmart
September 22, Parking lot located at 1207 Princeton Ave,
Vermillion, SD 57069 at
9:30 SHARP.  (Gather at the NORTH WEST CORNER OF
 From there we will caravan to the location in the country. There
are many areas to create awesome images for everyone, with the run down home,
barn, corn crib and large fallen tree
s. The hours of the shootout will be from 9:30 -

NOTICE:  Anyone showing up late to the meeting place runs the risk of being left
behind.  Please be sure you are there NO LATER THAN 9:30!

Since there are no facilities at the farm, I will be bringing a pop up c
hanging tent
supplied with a
port-a-pot and TP for your convenience. A small waste basket will be
there for any feminine product disposal.
 A second pop up will be provided for a
changing area.

Models are encourage to bring several outfits, makeup and whatever else needed for
hair, etc.  There will
not be a MUA present.  Be sure to have your own mirror too if the
car mirrors do not work for you.

There are basic guidelines as usual.  There will  be NO Nudity.  Since we may have
models who are under age and some photographers may be offended by this, it is best
to stay at least fairly modest.  Anyone caught violating the guideline
will be warned and
may be asked to leave.

Photographers MUST provide images to the models in a timely manor.  That means
taking the time you need for post production right away and providing the images within
4-6 weeks. Models, please understand that some photographers have a business and
that comes first, so post production may take a while.  Be patient, but if you don't have
your images after 6 weeks, contact the photographer.  The number of retouched
images you receive will be decided between you and each individual photographer you
work with.  I would like to see each photographer provide at least one refined image to
each model they work with.  More would be nice, if you have the time and are able to do

Photographers:  If you have any wardrobe requests, you may post them on the
Facebook Page with the event listing, but there is nothing requiring models to provide
those items.  

Models:  You may bring wardrobes requested if you want, but do not feel obligated to
purchase them unless you want to or don't have them already.  These shootouts are
not meant to be something pushing models to buy wardrobe specifically for the event.  
Bring what you wish to have added to your portfolio and/or that will fit in with the
abandoned farmstead venue.  This is not a themed shoot, so no guidelines as to what
to wear, other than the modesty mentioned above.

As usual, I will be the one wearing the orange T-shirt if you have any questions.

Group pictures will be taken at a time and place yet to be determined, and will be
announced at the event.

Any UPDATES to this will be posted in Facebook.
Click above for images of the venue
we will be shooting at.